Committees operating in the Department for the academic year (2018-2019)

   1: Scientific Committee

   2: Summer Training Committee

    3: Laboratory Committee

   4: The Finance Committee

   5: Students Discipline Committee

6: Staff Discipline Committee

7: Maintenance Committee

8: Committee of Supervision and Follow-up

9: Committee of books

10. Committee of the database and statistics

11:A- Documentation Committee

B. Postgraduate studies

12: Examination Committee

A - Administrative Examination Committee for the preliminary study

(B) The secret examination committee

C - Examination Committee for Postgraduate Studies

13: Committee of the mechanism of cooperation


14: Committee on Burden

15: Committee for the maintenance of computers and software

16: Follow-up Committee uniform in the section

17: Follow-up Committee for student absences

18: Media Committee Section

19: Committee for the development and updating of the department's website

20: Commission on Teaching Authority

 21: Follow-up Committee for Absence of Postgraduate Students

22: The Commission of Astrology

23:  Committee on Quality and Performance University