Scientific Promotion



Scientific Promotions for 2018


Sequence Name of applicant for promotion Current scientific rank Advanced Scientific Rank Date of submission of promotion
1   Wissam Kazem Hamdan  Assistant Lecturer   Professor 2018
2  Rabab Farhan Abass  Assistant Lecturer  Senior Lecturer 2018
3  Marem  AbdulAdheem Baker  Senior Lecturer   Assistant Lecturer 2018
4  Ali Mundher Mustafa  Senior Lecturer  Assistant Lecturer 2018
5  Firas Farhan Saeed  Senior Lecturer  Assistant Lecturer 2018
6  Baha Sami Mahdy  Senior Lecturer  Assistant Lecturer 2018
7  Adil shbeeb jaber  Assistant Lecturer  Senior Lecturer 2018


Scientific Promotions for 2016-2017


 Sequence  Name of applicant for promotion  Current scientific rank  Advanced Scientific Rank  Date of submission of promotion
1  Mohammed AbdulLattef Ahmed  Assistant Lecturer   Assistant Professor 2017
2   Zohal AbdulZahra Kabashy   Assistant Lecturer   Lecturer   2017
3   Battol Ibraheem Jameel    Assistant Lecturer   Lecturer  2017
4   Abbass Fadhel Ibrahem  Lecturer  Assistant Professor  2017
5  Aqeel Sabry Beden Lecturer  Assistant Professor 2017
6  Majeed Nemat Mohammad Lecturer   Assistant Professor 2017
7   Luma Adnan Lecturer   Assistant Professor  2016
8  Khalid Karam Abd Lecturer   Assistant Professor  2016

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