Technical and advisory cooperation between the University of Technology and the State Company for Automobile and Equipment Industry



Within the framework of joint cooperation between the University of Technology in general and the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department in particular and between the institutions of the industrial sector, and based on the direction of the Mrs. Head of the Production and Mineral Engineering Department Professor Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas and the Head of the Design and Manufacturing Engineering Branch with Computer Aided Assistant Professor Dr. Aseel Abd Hamad, each of the gentlemen Dr. Attia Abdel-Kazem Al-Zuhairi and Dr. Abdullah Faraj Hoyer visited the General Company for the Manufacture of Cars and Equipment in Alexandria, and after a tour inside the company’s departments, a number of company officials accompanied them. And human resources to collect a number of Chinese, Iranian and Malaysian saloon cars, as well as French trucks and tanker cars for a number of Iraqi investors. At the end of the tour, a meeting was held regarding the technical advice request submitted by the company to the university's advisory office. Engineer Salah Abdel-Saheb, the investment officer in the company, informed the university delegation about what was required in order to develop the company's capabilities at the technical level and raise the production capacity, and it was agreed upon Continue meetings and visits to reach the desired goal.










Source : Media Section