The Production Engineering Branch, in cooperation with the Guidance Unit, holds a workshop


In cooperation with the Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance Unit, the Production Engineering Branch in the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department  held a workshop entitled: (Between the student and the professor: problems and solutions) on Tuesday morning 12/14/2021 in the central hall of the department.

The workshop began with a recitation of verses from the Honorable Qur’an, followed by a brief speech by the head of the Production Engineering Branch, Prof.Dr. Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb stressed the importance of uniting the relationship between the student and the professor on the one hand, and between him and the department administration on the other. Then, I gave a lecture entitled: (The Reasons for the Student’s Delay and Stumbling During the Academic Progress and Methods of Resolving It) and it was prepared by the Lecturer  Production Branch course. Majed Hamid and presented by Dr. Adel Ghanem. The head of the psychological counseling and educational guidance unit in the department, and then the discussion was opened, opinions and ideas were put forward, and the most important obstacles facing the educational process, he started with a brief speech to the head of the department, Prof. Mona Khudair Abbas indicated in it that the department’s presidency is open to students in providing facilities in their university studies. In addition to a number of fuclty who participated in the dialogue, on their part, a number of students expressed some opinions and mentioned some obstacles and problems they encounter that require consideration and clarified appropriate solutions to them. The conclusion of the workshop thanked the head of the branch, Prof. Dr.Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb to all the participants and attendees, and souvenir photos were taken.






Source : Media Section