A scientific visit to the Iraqi Geological Survey


Within the framework of cooperation between the Production Engineering and Metallurgy   and state institutions, a delegation from the Department, which included the Head of Department, Prof. Mona Khudair Abbas and Head of the Mining Engineering and Mineral Extraction Branch, Dr. Amjad Ibrahim Fadel, accompanied by a number of my faculty members, who are both Dr. Samar Saadi Hussein . The scientific division of the department and Dr. Wafaa Kamel Mahmoud, and Dr. Zaman Karam, and Assistant prof. Mohamed Abdel Latif Ahmed, Assistant lecturer . Walid Khaled, Engineer Raghda Abdel Reda Faleh, and third-year students of the Mining Engineering and Mineral Extraction Branch visited Iraqi Geological Survey .

Where the students learned about the history of the mining sector in Iraq by visiting the Geological Museum, in addition to identifying the mechanism of conducting and documenting geological surveys and conducting all examinations on them through the commission’s laboratories for the purpose of offering them for investment and marketing.

It was also agreed to sign a joint cooperation mechanism between the department and the commission in several areas aimed at promoting scientific research and serving our dear country










Source : Media Section