A scientific trip to the Baghdad Company for Soft Drinks


The Industrial Engineering Branch, one of the Branches of the Production Engineering and Minerals Department, visited PepsiCo Baghdad, located in Al-Zafaraniya, and the branch was represented by a delegation consisting of: A.D. Lama Adnan Al Kindi and m. Batoul Ibrahim and M. Dalia Abdel Hussein and Eng. Mohammed Rajeh and Lect. Sarah Mohamed Sharif and Lect. Haider Naji Hadi and Lect. Osama Hatem, in addition to the students of the fourth stage of the branch, on Tuesday, 11/1/ 2022, and they were received by the director of the commercial department of the company, the director of quality control and a number of employees of the training department. The students and the accompanying delegation had a tour of the quality control laboratories and the Shatt Al Arab factory, which was opened in 2021 Similar to the Tigris and Euphrates factory, as well as the can factory, where the students were informed of the industrial work sites and production lines in the company, as the requirements for experiencing practical reality were completed, which facilitates the absorption of theoretical lessons.

At the end of the visit, it was agreed to send the students of the department and branch to the company in order to complete the summer training in the company.











Source : Media Section