Discussion of a master's thesis in metallurgy engineering


A master's student in the Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering / Metallurgical Engineering Branch (Ehsan Ali Raddad) was discussed about his thesis

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                                                            (Enhancement of metal surfaces by thin nanostructured coating films performed by gas phase process)

 With the specialization of Metallurgical Engineering, on Wednesday, 9/2/2022, and in the hall of the late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mansour in the department.

 The discussion committee consisted of the persons listed below:-

 Firas Farhan Sayed, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department..... (Head)

 Dr. Ali Salah Hassan, University of Babylon / College of Engineering ..... (Member)

 Dr. Ahmed Salloum Abbas, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department.... (Member)

 Dr. Amin Dawai Thamer, retired .... (supervising member)

 Dr. Firas Qassem Mohammed, University of Technology / Nanotechnology Center ..... (Supervising Member)

 The two scientific components of the thesis were: Dr. Muhammad Salab Hamza, Al-Isra University College

 and Dr.. Emad Saadi Abdel Karim, University of Technology / Department of Materials Engineering

 And the linguistic component of the message was a. Samir Ali Amin, retired

 The student received a grade (Very Good).











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