Two faculty members and a master's student from the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department participate in an international conference at the University of Al-Muthanna


The two teachers participated in the Metallurgical Engineering Branch of the Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering, Dr. Esraa Abdel Qader Aziz and Dr. Ahmed Salloum Abbas and a master’s student in the Metals Branch Haider Abbas Ali in the second Al-Muthanna Conference for Engineering and Technological Sciences 2022, which was held by the College of Engineering at the University of Al-Muthanna with wide local and international participation. The research is a study of the properties and determinants of plating with silver and copper on the basis of lead by electroplating method. The importance of this research comes as this type of coating enters into many electronic and electrical applications. Through the research, the researchers tried to improve some properties of the coating to address some of the problems that occur to electrical and electronic parts during performance. These parts are in the application.









Source : Media Section