A faculty member from our production engineering and metallurgy department participates in the discussion of a master's thesis at the Engineering Technical College - Baghdad


 Faculty member participated in the discussion of the master's thesis submitted by the student (Walaa Farid Jaber) Engineering Template Technologies for

her thesis tagged:-

                                                                Effect of Angular pressing parameters on mechanical and microstructure of Aluminum alloy

In the Engineering Technical College - Baghdad, which was conducted on Monday morning 11/7/2022 in the hall of (Professor Dr. Kamal Al-Saifi)

in the Engineering Technical College / Baghdad. The discussion committee consisted of each of the following:-

1- Dr. Nasri Saleh Muhammad / Central Technical University / Chairman.

2- Dr. Aseel Hamad Abd / University of Technology / Member.

3- DR. Ziyad Tariq Abdullah / Institute of Technology - Baghdad / Member.

4- Dr. Adnan Nehme Abboud/ College of Engineering Technology/ Baghdad/ Supervisor.

5- Dr. Ali Hassan Salih / Institute of Technology - Baghdad / supervisor.

The message was successfully accepted with a grade (good).






Source : Media Section