The Industrial Engineering Branch makes a scientific trip to the thermal Al Doora power station


A delegation from the Industrial Engineering Branch, one of the branches of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department , headed by

Dr. Amjad Barzan Abdel Ghafour, head of the branch, and a number of the branch’s faculty members, in addition to the students of the third

stage in it, made a scientific visit to a power station Thermal AlDoora on Sunday 11/12/2022.

 Where the students were briefed on the work site in the power station and linked the requirements of living in practical reality, which facilitates

the absorption of theoretical lessons. The delegation was received by the specialized engineering staff at the station They  explained the mechanism

of work in the station and the main parts, and then accompanied him to the halls and sites of the station, starting from the main control hall to

the Turbine Hall, and then its accessories from heat exchangers and condensers to the boiler.

Boiler, Generator and water system that supplies and treats Tigris River water.






Source : Media Section