Distinguished participation of the mining and mineral extraction engineering branch in the exhibition of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Technology



Dr. Amjad Ibrahim Fadel Head of the Mining Engineering Branch and Mineral Extraction, one of the branches of the  Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department  Participated in technological incubator projects to the labor market, an exhibition for the products of creative university students, and a market for displaying handicrafts, which was set up by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Minerals, which carried the slogan.

(Youth is a permanent, specific and inexhaustible treasure) and they participated in a graduation project entitled Design and manufacturing of field and laboratory digital point load tester.

 The project received the attention and praise of the minister and the visitors of the exhibition. That was on Tuesday 3/14/2023 in the main hall of the Industrial Research and Development Authority of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.












Source : Media Section