The Production Engineering and Metallurgy department  holds a workshop



Under the Sponsored by President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan al-Ghabban, and under the direct supervision of the Chairman of the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurrgy Prof Dr Mona Khudair Abbas, the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy / Computer Design and Manufacturing Engineering Branch held a workshop entitled:

                                                                                                          "Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Revolution 4.0"

And on Wednesday, 12/22/2020, and on the hall of the late Professor Jassem Al Hayani in the department, the workshop program included one session headed by Prof. Dr. Muhannad Mohammed al-Khafaji and Eng. Mustafa Muhammad Abdul-Razzaq, as the workshop witnessed a distinguished attendance of members of the faculty staff in the department, where

It included several lectures as follows:

-the first lecturer :

"Application of Simulation and optimization to Manufacturing or supply chain" delivered by Dr. Attia Abdel-Kazim.

The second lecture:

“AM Technology” delivered by Dr. Abbas Maytham Jaber.

The third lecture:

“Smart automated computer aided process planning (ACAPP) for rotational parts based on feature technology and step file” delivered by Dr. Mazen Ghazi.

Fourth Lecture:

"Teleportation and monitoring of CNC turning products" delivered by Dr. Tahseen Fadhel Abbas / Youssef Khaled




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