A faculty member participates in the discussion committee



  The faculty member  from our department / Industrial Engineering Branch (Assistant Prof. Dr. Maha Abdul Karim Hammoud)  Acting Director General of the Department of Human Development and an at the Ministry of Planning participated in the discussion committee of the student (Salah Hatim Al-Taie), one of the students of the higher diploma equivalent to the Master in Municipal Administration, College Administration and Economy / University of Baghdad for his thesis tagged (Assessment of social responsibility according to the international standard ISO 26000-2010): a case study in the People's Municipality, and the thesis was approved with an appreciation of excellence and with the participation of the members of the discussion committee: Prof. Dr. Saadoun Hammoud Al-Rabaiwi / College of Administration and Economics University of Baghdad ... Chairman  Prof. Dr. Hala Hamad Majoud / College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad ... Member Prof. Dr. Ghani Daham Al-Zubaidi / College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad ... supervisor