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The Production Engineering Branch, in cooperation with the Guidance Unit, holds a workshop


In cooperation with the Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance Unit, the Production Engineering Branch in the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department  held a workshop entitled: (Between the student and the professor: problems and solutions) on Tuesday morning 12/14/2021 in the central hall of the department.

The workshop began with a recitation of verses from the Honorable Qur’an, followed by a brief speech by the head of the Production Engineering Branch, Prof.Dr. Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb stressed the importance of uniting the relationship between the student and the professor on the one hand, and between him and the department administration on the other. Then, I gave a lecture entitled: (The Reasons for the Student’s Delay and Stumbling During the Academic Progress and Methods of Resolving It) and it was prepared by the Lecturer  Production Branch course. Majed Hamid and presented by Dr. Adel Ghanem. The head of the psychological counseling and educational guidance unit in the department, and then the discussion was opened, opinions and ideas were put forward, and the most important obstacles facing the educational process, he started with a brief speech to the head of the department, Prof. Mona Khudair Abbas indicated in it that the department’s presidency is open to students in providing facilities in their university studies. In addition to a number of fuclty who participated in the dialogue, on their part, a number of students expressed some opinions and mentioned some obstacles and problems they encounter that require consideration and clarified appropriate solutions to them. The conclusion of the workshop thanked the head of the branch, Prof. Dr.Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb to all the participants and attendees, and souvenir photos were taken.






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Discussion of a PhD thesis in Production Engineering


A PhD student in the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department  / Production Engineering Branch (Mohamed Sattar Jabbar) was discussed about his thesis tagged with:-

                                               (Flastic-Plastic forming of revolved shell using experimental and numerical techniquescs)

 The specialization of Production Engineering, at exactly nine o’clock in the morning on Thursday, 9/12/2021, and in the hall of the late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mansour in the department.

The discussion committee consisted of the gentlemen listed below:-

 Dr. Faraj Mahal Muhammad, University of Technology/ Electromechanical Engineering Department..... (Head)

 Dr. Adel Abbas Alwan, retired... (Member)

 Dr. Muthanna Hamza Saadoun, University of Technology / Department of Mechanical Engineering..... (Member)

 Dr. Ali Abbar Khalif, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department .... (Member)

Dr. Aseel Hamad Abd, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department ….. (Member)

Dr. Mohsen Jaber Jowej, Al Farahidi University / College of Engineering.. (Supervisor)

 Dr. Adnan Ibrahim Muhammad, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department …… (Supervisor)

 The scientific component of the thesis was Dr. Najm Abdul-Amir, University of Babylon / Department of Materials Engineering…..a scientific component first

 and Dr. Iyad Murad Takhakh, Al-Nahrain University / College of Engineering…..a second scientific component

 And the linguistic component of the message was Dr. Samir Ali Amin, University of Technology / Department of Mechanical Engineering

 The student received a grade (Very Good).










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A faculty members from the Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering chairs a committee to discuss a doctoral thesis at the College of Materials Engineering at the University of Babylon



Headed by Prof. Dr.Sami Abu Al-Noon Ajeel, a faculty member in the of Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department / Metallurgical Engineering Branch, discussing the doctoral thesis of the student (Sarah Abdul-Amir Abdul-Mahdi) from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Babylon, which has the title:-

                                    (Investigation of high temperature corrosion and mechanical properties for fan in turbin coated in thermal generation station)


 In addition to Prof. Dr. Sami Abu Al-Noon, the committee consisted of:-

 Mr. Dr. Abbas Khammas Hussein / University of Technology / Department of Materials Engineering….. Member

 Dr. Ali Hobi Halim / University of Babylon / College of Materials Engineering…..member

 Dr. Haider Hassan Jaber / University of Babylon / College of Materials Engineering... Member

 Dr. Zuhair Taleb Khalif / Bayle University / College of Materials Engineering.. Member

 Dr. Kazem Fanteel Abdul-Hussein / University of Babylon / College of Materials Engineering... Supervisor

 Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy / Future College of the University... Supervisor

 It is reported that the thesis was accepted with a grade of (Very Good).







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Faculty members from the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department take part  in the Sixth Oil and Gas Conference



Under the patronage of the Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, the work of the sixth Iraq International Oil and Gas Conference was released in Baghdad at the headquarters of the Oil Research and Development Center, in person and by default via the Zoom application, for the period from 29-30 November, with the participation of (70) researchers from inside and outside Iraq, distributed On the axes of the conference within the days of the session, where each of the faculty members , Dr. Ahmed Salloum Abbas and Dr. Eman Adnan Aoun and Dr. Firas Farhan Sayed with their research tagged with:

((Studying the properties of nano zinc oxide coated on type 37-2 steel to protect against corrosion and prepared using pulsed laser deposition technology and used in oil storage applications)).

Where the research orientation represents the treatment of one of the most important industrial problems in the oil sector, which is corrosion, as the aim of the research was to reduce the damages of this industrial problem, which represents a waste of time and money. A video recording of the speech of the Minister of Oil was shown, in which he thanked the organizers of the conference and the management of the Research Center for organizing such scientific events that serve the oil industry.

On the other hand, the Undersecretary for Liquidation Affairs, Dr. Hamid Younis Al-Zawba’i, gave a presentation entitled (The Ministry’s View of the Gas Industry in Iraq), after which the official spokesman for the conference, former Oil Minister Thamer Abbas Al-Ghadban, gave a presentation on (Energy Prospects in Iraq, while the Ministry’s advisor gave Oil and Energy Affairs Dr. Abdul-Baqi Khalaf Ali gave a presentation entitled (Iraq’s Road Map for the Transition to Sustainable Energy 2030), after which the conference sessions started with two sessions distributed between Baghdad Hall and Al-Rafidain Hall with the participation of researchers in attendance during the first and second day of the conference and at the Oil Research and Development Center Iraqi Thought Center for Energy Studies .









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A scientific visit for production engineering students to the Central Library at the University of Technology



In continuation to work within the initiative of the rector of the University of Technology for cooperation between the scientific departments and the central library at the university, and to complement the series of scientific visits for students of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, the Production Engineering Branch organized one of the department’s branches on Monday, 6-12-2021, a scientific visit for students of the second and third stages to the library Central, as part of the extra-curricular activities of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, which were confirmed by the Presidency of the University, and the students were accompanied by Dr. Raed Rashid and Dr. Abdullah Hamad and Dr. Khaleda Kazem and lecture  The Thkra of Mahdi and lecture Majed Hamid and m. Assistant lecture Asaad Ali and M. NS. Lujain Hussein, and a number of library officials and employees were received by them. The students were briefed about the library’s sections and halls, how to search for resources, issue an identification card for affiliation with the library, and the reading room, which has a free internet service during working hours, which it provides to students to support the scientific process.







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