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Distinguished participation of the Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering in the first international conference for quality assurance in Karbala             


A number of teachers from the Department of Production and Minerals participated in the first international conference on quality, which was held at the Technical Institute / Karbala for the period from August 26-28. Both were presented by Dr. Lama Adnan Al Kindi, Prof. Attia Al-Zuhairi, Prof. Zainab Allawi Al-Baldawi and graduate student Ayat Sabah have conducted research on the importance of using simulation in developing productivity, as well as the role of simulation in enhancing students’ comprehension of the vocabulary of one of the engineering subjects. The conference, which was held by Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University in cooperation with the International Islamic University in Malaysia, included fifty research papers in various fields. It is worth noting that the conference witnessed a high-level official presence, represented by the advisor of the Ministry of Higher Education, a number of presidents and assistant presidents of universities, deans of colleges and institutes in a number of Iraqi universities, representatives of the Husseiniya and Abbasid holy shrines, and a large gathering of professors and researchers




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