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The Production Engineering Branch, in cooperation with the Guidance Unit, holds a workshop with first-stage students


In cooperation with the Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance Unit, the Production Engineering Branch in Production Engineering and Metallurgy held a workshop entitled: (Scientific laboratories and their impact on the development of scientific thinking for undergraduate students) on Tuesday 18/1/ 2022 in the central hall of the department in the presence of the head of the department Dr.. Mona Khudair Abbas and a number of the department's teachers, in addition to the first-year students of the Production Engineering Branch.

The workshop began with a recitation of verses from the Noble Qur’an, followed by a speech by the head of the Production Engineering Branch, Dr. Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb welcomed the attendees and students of the first stage and mentioned some instructions related to working hours and adhering to his instructions. Then, Dr. Adel Ghanem Tohme, Head of the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit in the department, gave a lecture entitled: (University life of the university student and his personal abilities) and it was prepared by the course of the Production Branch lecturer  Majed Hamid, then the laboratory officials affiliated to the Production Engineering Branch, who are: Dr. Raed Rashid Shawish and Lect. Rasha Ramez Elias and Lect. Asaad Ali Abbas and Eng. Diana Abdel Karim Nouri and Eng. Virgin Muhammed Salih and Eng. Montaser Ibrahim Jassem presented briefs about these laboratories, the equipment in them, the nature of their work, and the practical experiments that are held in each laboratory. It is mentioned that the workshop was presented by Lect. Lujain Hussein Kashkol At the end of the workshop, the head of the branch Dr. Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb to all the participants and attendees, and souvenir photos were taken.










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A faculty member from Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department participates in the discussion of a master's thesis at the College of Engineering / Al-Khwarizmi


Share Dr. Aqil Sabri Baden, a faculty member in the Department / Computer-assisted Design and Manufacturing Engineering Branch, in the discussion of a master’s thesis in the College of Engineering / Al-Khwarizmi, which was entitled: (The optimal choice of variables for the process of cumulative point formation of aluminum (A1050 .. for the student (Dina Amer Mousa)) from the College of Engineering Al-Khwarizmi, Department of Automated Manufacturing Engineering, in the Central Graduate Studies Discussion Hall at the college, on Monday 17/1/2022. The committee was headed by Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Sami’ Al-Droubi), a lecturer at Al-Nahrain University, the membership of each of (Dr. Aqil Sabri Baden , Dr. Karim Neama Salloumi) at the College of Engineering / Al-Khwarizmi , supervised by ( Dr. Ahmed Zaidan Muhammad) and (Dr. Nizar Qais Muhammad) from the Faculty of Engineering Al-Khwarizmi.

The committee listened to the student, the conclusion of her research was to improve the surface roughness, wall angle deviation, and average wall thickness as output responses of 1050 aluminum alloy cone formed from one point additional sheet metal forming process. Experiments were performed based on a Taguchi mixed experimental design with L18 orthogonal matrix. Six levels of step depth, three levels of tool diameter, feed rate, and tool rotational speed were considered as parameters of the input process. Analyzes of variance (ANOVA) were used to verify the significance of parameters and the effect of their levels for minimum surface roughness, minimum wall angle deviation, and maximum mean wall thickness. The results indicated that step depth and tool rotation speed are the most important parameters in the output responses. The expected optimal values ​​for surface roughness, average wall thickness and wall angle deviation were 0.6363 μm, 0.9442 mm and 0.0994°, respectively. The results were validated through empirical matches, and after listening, the committee decided to accept its research and announce the degree obtained by the student, which was very good.









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Head of the Mining Engineering and Mineral Extraction Branch, an honorable member in the discussion of a master's thesis

outside Iraq


The Head of the Mining Engineering and Mineral Extraction Branch, Dr. Amjad Ibrahim Fadel, participated on Friday, 14/1/2022, in the discussion of the master’s student Firas Ibrahim Younes at the University . It took place in Turkey, which was held electronically on the Zoom platform, where he participated as an admin member of the message tagged:-

Evaluation Properties for Some Iraqi Rocks and its suitability as construction materials

 Where the thesis dealt with a practical study to evaluate the properties of some Iraqi rocks and their suitability for use as construction materials.

The discussion committee consisted of:-

Dr. Hasan Akay .......President/ Atlam University.

Dr. Abdul Rahim Uzungologlu....member/ Atlam University.

Dr. Hindustan Ali….member/ Hajitbeh University.

Dr. Kokhan Tonk….member/ Atlam University.

Dr. Amjad Ibrahim Fadl ... Member and Supervisor / University of Technology, production engineering and metallurgy

The student passed the discussion successfully, with the members of the discussion committee praising the quality of the thesis and expressing

their thanks to the University of Technology and the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals for the effective contribution In fulfilling the message.









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A scientific trip to the Baghdad Company for Soft Drinks


The Industrial Engineering Branch, one of the Branches of the Production Engineering and Minerals Department, visited PepsiCo Baghdad, located in Al-Zafaraniya, and the branch was represented by a delegation consisting of: A.D. Lama Adnan Al Kindi and m. Batoul Ibrahim and M. Dalia Abdel Hussein and Eng. Mohammed Rajeh and Lect. Sarah Mohamed Sharif and Lect. Haider Naji Hadi and Lect. Osama Hatem, in addition to the students of the fourth stage of the branch, on Tuesday, 11/1/ 2022, and they were received by the director of the commercial department of the company, the director of quality control and a number of employees of the training department. The students and the accompanying delegation had a tour of the quality control laboratories and the Shatt Al Arab factory, which was opened in 2021 Similar to the Tigris and Euphrates factory, as well as the can factory, where the students were informed of the industrial work sites and production lines in the company, as the requirements for experiencing practical reality were completed, which facilitates the absorption of theoretical lessons.

At the end of the visit, it was agreed to send the students of the department and branch to the company in order to complete the summer training in the company.











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Discussion of a PhD thesis in Metallurgical Engineering


A doctoral student in the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Departmant / Metallurgy Engineering Branch (Abdul-Jabbar Saad Jumaa) was discussed about

his thesis tagged with:-

                                                                          (Advanced processes in friction cruch welding of similar and dissimilar copper based alloys)

With the specialization of Metallurgical Engineering, in the hall of the late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mansour in the department on Thursday 13/1/2022.

The  discussion committee consisted of the listed individuals.

Their names are below:-

Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy (Chairman)

Dr. Sabah Khammas Hussein, Technical College / Baghdad (Member)

Dr. Abbas Shaya Alwan, College of Electrical Engineering Technology (Member)

Dr. Muzher Taha Muhammad, University of Diyala / College of Engineering (Member)

Dr. Bahaa Sami Mahdi, University of Technology / Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department (Member)

Dr. Aqil Dhaher Sobhi, University of Technology/ Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department (Supervisory Member)

Dr. Fadel Abbas Hashem, University of Technology/ Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department (Honorary Member)


Each of Dr. Ahmed Ali Akbar Akbar, Al Farahidi National University, and Dr. Adnan Neamat Abboud, retired, scientific assessors and linguistic

assessors, Dr. Samir Ali Amin, retired The student received a grade (Very Good).










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