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Master's thesis in metal engineering



Master's thesis in metal engineering

The Master's Degree in Metallurgy Engineering (Joan Yassin Kamel) was discussed and she obtained a Master's Degree (with an estimate) for her research



                                                              ((The effect of corrosion fatigue on failure of electric fan blades))

In the hall of the late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mansour in the department on Monday at 9 am The discussion committee consisted of the following listed


* Prof. Dr.Hussein Jassim Al-Alkawi, University of Technology / Department of Electromechanical Engineering .... (Chairman)

*Assistant prof. Dr. Ahmed Ali Akbar Akbar, University of Technology / Department of Production and Metal Engineering .... (Member)

* Assistant prof. Dr Sarmad Taleb Najm, Nahrain University / Faculty of Engineering .... (Member)

* Prof. Dr. Sami Ibrahim Jaafar, University of Technology / Department of Production and Metal Engineering .... (supervisor)







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Scientific participation in an international conference

PhD student assistant lecturer Khalida Kadhim Mansour in the activities of the Second International Scientific Conference (ICECCCCE), which was held at

the Northern Technical University / Technical Engineering College / Mosul scientific support from IEEE (Iraq Branch) for the period (13-14 / 2019/2) in the

province of Arbil. Where she participated in scientific research at the conference.








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The holy Abbasid threshold honors the first graduates of Iraqi universities

In the presence of the Secretary-General of the holy Abbasid threshold and in the presence of the Secretary General of the holy Abbasid threshold, Mr.

Ahmed Al-Safi, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail, and a large number of the heads, representatives and

graduates of Iraqi governmental and private universities. The delegation of the University of Technology participated in the annual central ceremony within

the project of the National sponsor to honor the first students in the Iraqi universities, which was held on Friday (2019/2/15), congratulating the first

graduates and their families with this honor and wishing them success and success.






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Discussion at the University of Babylon / College of Materials Engineering

The Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abar Khalif participated in the discussion committee at the University of Babylon / college of Materials Engineering / Mineral Engineering Department for the message of Master student (Osama Ihsan Ali) at 10 am on Thursday . The student received a master's degree with honors.






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 Second Meeting of Deans of Engineering Colleges in Iraq

The Head of the Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abbar Khalif, participated in the second meeting of the deans of engineering faculties in Iraq for the academic year

2018-2019, which was held under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Riad Hassan Al-Anbari. (2/2/2019). The meeting was attended by a large number of deans of the faculties of

engineering in Iraq, where they discussed all the paragraphs of the platform of the meeting and exchange views on many important points. The most important topics are the

ministry's directives regarding the application of the course system in Iraqi universities for the academic year 2019-2020 In addition to the discussion of many topics that will

advance the progress of the service for the process of education in the preliminary and higher studies in engineering colleges in the Iraqi government and private universities.




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