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A scientific symposium on the private sector and its role in developing national competence


Under the auspices of University of Technology rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, the esteemed and under the direct supervision of Mr. Assistant Head of the Department in charge of conducting the work of the department, Prof. Dr. Salah Karim Jawad, the esteemed The Department of Production Engineering and metallurgy / Industrial Engineering Branch held a scientific symposium entitled (the private sector and its role in developing national competence) on the morning of Wednesday, 12/19/2019, and on the hall of the late Professor Jassem Al Hayani in the department, the symposium addressed many important axes that were Through highlighting the private sector and the areas of sustainable development and ways to develop and evaluate it in order to improve it. Where the symposium was opened with a recitation from the Holy Quran and the word “Presidency of the Department” delivered by the Assistant Head of the Department in charge of conducting the work of the department Salah Karim Jawad, the esteemed, and then began the symposium with a session chaired by Prof. Dr. Sami Abu Al-Noun Ajil and M.D. Amjad Barzan Abdel Ghaffour as Rapporteur. The session dealt with the following working papers:

The first working paper (the private sector is a sustainable development artery) – Assistant Prof.Dr. Sawsan Subaih Abd Ali - Head of the Industrial Engineering Branch.

- The second working paper / Ministry of Industry and Minerals (the role of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals with the support of the private sector) - Al-Nidal Nidal Hamza Abdul-Amir.

- The third working paper / the private sector (heading towards the private sector in Iraq for entrepreneurial work) - d. Hazem Hatem Abdel-Kazem.

The fourth working paper (quantitative methods in enhancing productive efficiency) - Prof.Dr. Aladdin Hassan Qasim.

At the end of the symposium, a number of recommendations were reached in this field, which in turn will help support and revitalize this sector, and then distribute thanks and appreciation letters and appreciation certificates to the participants of




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Faculty members  participation in the national conference to support reform


Prof. Sami Abu Al-Noun Ajil, a teacher, participated in the Production Engineering and metallurgy Department / Metallurgy Engineering Branch in the National Conference to support the reform demands set up by the Iraqi Center for Innovation and Creativity of the Iraqi inventors forum and under the slogan "elites and competencies is a correct thought under the guidance of the rational reference" in the Tammuz Hall / Ishtar Hotel Sheraton on Sunday 12/22/2019. Where the conference included a set of words and research that clearly indicated the need for the participation of intellectual elites, national competencies and those with competence in shaping the state’s policy in the next stage, according to the reference opinion, through preparing plans and programs and for legislating a fair and fair election law that produces real representatives for the people who are the source of powers.

The conference concluded with the closing statement, which included many practical recommendations that will be implemented very soon.





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