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Under the slogan (With science we serve and develop our industries)

The Production Engineering and Metallurgy  Department, in cooperate with the General Company for Mining Industries, holds a specialized symposium sponsored by the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, and supervised by the Mrs. Head of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, Professor Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas, and cooperation with the General Company for Mining Industries. The Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department / Mining and extracting minerals, has been set up  his specialized symposium entitled: (With science we serve and develop our industries) on Wednesday 3/3/2021 and on the FCC electronic platform, the symposium was opened with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, recited  by faculty member Assistant lecture Asaad Hasan Lafta, followed by words for the scientific assistant Prof. Haider Abdul-Dahd ,the representative of the President of the University of Technology, then the head of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, Prof.Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas, and also the General Director of the General Company for Mining Industries, Engineer Riyad Jasim Kazem and Prof. Dr Sami Ibrahim al-Rubaie, head of the branch of mining engineering and extracting minerals. These words confirmed that Iraq has many ores that represent national wealth that should be extracted and invested in the service of the country. Then these words were followed by two scientific sessions, the first headed by Prof.Dr. Sami Ibrahim Al-Rubaie and the assistant lecture Shaima Talib included a working paper of the General Company for Mining Industries presented by  Senior chief Engineers Raghad Mohiuddin Jassim entitled (Future Prospects for Mining Industries in Iraq). And lecture.Dr. Zaman Karam Mikhilif, entitled (The Existence of Copper in the Water Associated with Crude Oil) and paper work of Assistant Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Ragab from the Department of Mechanical Technology / Central Technical University, entitled (The role of mining industries and mineral extraction in organizing the national economy and promoting human development). As for the second session, it was chaired by Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdel-Khaleq Hammoud and the programing leadership Assistant prof. Dr. Muhannad Farhan, where lecture Dr. Ahmed Falih Hussein submitted working paper entitled (Methods for treating Iraqi telegraph mud and its effect on the functional properties of oil well drilling mud) . lecture Dr. Nasser Kurdi Zeidan also submitted working paper entitled (Scientific and future prospects for the use of silicon in our national industries) as well as a working paper presented by Assistant Prof. Dr. Shaima Hadi Khudair / University of Babylon / College of Education for Pure Sciences with the title (Applications of Nanotechnology in Applied Industries). The symposium concluded with recommendations made by lecture Dr. Amjad Ibrahim confirmed that the results  of such seminars are the perpetuation of the link and cooperation between universities and the industrial sectors, and the introduction of scientific research carried out in universities within the plan to develop productive industries. The symposium was managed by journalist Prof.  Dr. Zuhair Shamma Ali.  It is mentioned that this seminar was held within the memorandum of understanding that was signed between the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department and the State Company for Mining Industries on 2/24/2021.


An International Virtual Symposium on Smart Manufacturing and Automation Technologies at the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy 

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, President of the University of Technology, and under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy Prof. Dr. Muna Khudair Abbas, the branch of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Engineering at the department is holding a virtual international symposium on the Zoom webinar for one day on the available trends for applying smart manufacturing and automation technologies to enhance industrial developments. It also includes discussion about the opportunities for research’s cooperation. The symposium will be held with the participation of researchers from the Universities of Australia, Malaysia, France, and Italy as well as a number of the branch's research staff. Details about the objectives of the course, ZOOM link for joining to the Symposium, and the research works to be presented are all included in the attached file...


Scientific participation in an international conference

PhD student assistant lecturer Khalida Kadhim Mansour in the activities of the Second International Scientific Conference (ICECCCCE), which was held at

the Northern Technical University / Technical Engineering College / Mosul scientific support from IEEE (Iraq Branch) for the period (13-14 /2/2019) in the

province of Arbil. Where she participated in scientific research at the conference.



The participation of the Production and Minerals Engineering Department in an international conference

 Assistant Professor Dr. Lama Adnan Hamid participated in the Fourth International Conference on Building and Construction Engineering and Environmental Engineering held in Turkey / Istanbul for the period 7-9 / 10/2019 under the auspices of the University of Technology in Baghdad and the Technical University of Istanbul, congratulations, and congratulations to success, God willing.


   7-9 / 10/2019    
 Participation of a number of teachers of the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals at the Iraqi Society of Engineers conference

 The Production and metallurgy Engineering department  had multiple participations in the first conference of modern systems in electrical and mechanical engineering and their applications, which was established by the Iraqi Society of Engineers

Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Qusay Abdul Wahab Al-Suhail, in cooperation with the University of Baghdad / College of Engineering Al-Khwarizmi under the slogan "Modern Applications in Electricity

Mechanics are our way to a developed Iraq, "in the halls of the Iraqi Society of Engineers for the period from 26-27 June 2019, where the posts were as follows:

Prof.Dr. Lama Adnan and Prof.Dr. Aseel Hamad Abdul and Prof.Dr. Aqeel Sabri Baden as members of the scientific committee of the conference

The participation of Prof.D. Lama Adnan and Prof.Dr. Sawsan Sobeih and M.A. Faten Fouad researches within the conference themes

ADD subscription Lama Adnan as a course for the first session and Dr. Aqil Sabri Baden as a course for the second session within the axis of mechanical engineering applications.


   26-27 June 2019    

The University of Technology is ranked third in the Ramadan Futsal Masters Tournament

 Mr. Head of the Production Engineering and metallurgy department Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Abbar Khleif Al-Muhtram attended the closing activities of the Ramadan Futsal Football Championship for Masters organized by Al-Mustansiriya University on the halls of the College of Basic Education on the evening of 25/5/2019 and in the presence of Mr. President of Al-Mustansiriya University Professor Dr. Sadiq Al-Hamash In the presence of Dr. Fayez Al-Salmani, Advisor to the esteemed Speaker of the House of Representatives and Mr. Dean of the esteemed College of Basic Education, where the University of Baghdad won the first place and Al-Mustansiriya University got the second place and the third place came from the university’s share Technological efforts of good sportsmanship and the spirit by the university team and technology coordinated by the wonderful student activities department at the university, VALVe congratulations and more progress and success, God willing, to glue our university and our beloved Iraq.



Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Iraq and in the presence of Mr. Habib al-Sadr the respected ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Egypt and Prof. Dr. Amin Daway Thamer al-Muhtarm, President of the University of Technology holds the fourth international scientific conference on environment and sustainable development organized by the Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology in cooperation with the Arab Union for Development Sustainable Environment in the Arab Republic of Egypt - Cairo for the period 24-25 November 2018.


  25-24-11    2018   Download Folder Seminar here

A delegation from our department participates in the exhibition of student activities and research professors at Wasit University

Teachers and student delegation of our department participated in second annual fair activities for student and teachers research of which held from 7th -8th of May 2018.
The delegation:
Assistant prof aqeel Thahir
Assistant prof Abdilkhliq fawzi
Lecturer Dr. Amjad
Lecturer Dr. Muhanned farhan
Lecturer Dr. Sammer Sady
Lecturer Husein ali
Assistant lecturer Abass Mautham
Assistant Lecturer Ommar Hashim
Assistant lecturer Baqir Ayad
Engineer Ali Ammer
Their participating was active as the preparation committee and audiences mentioned.
Shield fair was gotten by the department awarded for this participated, also participated certifications distributed for participants and photos for documentary.



  7th -8th of May 2018.    

The University of Technology participates in the yearly central ceremony of the National Al-kafeel project to honor the

The University of Technology participated in a distinguished scientific presence in the annual central ceremony held by the holy Abbasid threshold within (the project of the National Al-kafeel of the first students of the graduates of the Iraqi universities) on Friday, 16/2/2018, the University's delegation was led by Prof.Dr. Amin Douai Thamer, the President of the University of Technology, Prof.Dr Sami Abu Al-Nun " University president deputy for administrative affairs", Prof.Dr. Mohammed Jassim Kazim "Director of the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center" , and Asst.Prof.Dr. Ali Abbar Khalif " Head of Department Production Engineering and Metallurgy" and Asst.Prof. Mahdi Matar Hanoun "Director of the Department of Diwan Affairs", in addition to a group of professors and associate students at the university and a number of the first students at the university, including the first student on the Department of Engineering and Production of Ali Hussein Ali.

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology Prof.Dr Amin Douai Thamer, the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy held its seminar titled "The Central Seminar of Experts and Quality Experts and Laboratory Reliability in Iraq Our ambition is to reach the management of comprehensive feasibility 29-12-2016    
The Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy held the first specialized seminar (a panel discussion on technology and its impact in the Arabic language) Together to stay our Arabic language 28/11/2016    
The Industrial Engineering Branch in the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy  held a scientific seminar entitled "Horizons and the perspective of green industry and its environmental impact" _____________________ 12/4/2015


Synthesis, Structure and Corrosion Behavior of Nanocoatings for Surgical Implants Materials PhD seminar 19.4.2015

Synthesis nano coatings thin films for surgical implants alloys by advance nanocoatings methods.

Characterization and Evaluations the nano coatings thin films by using Ellipsometry and Raman spectroscopy, TEM, AFM, and other techniques.

Advanced Coating Produced by ElectroPhoretic Deposition PhD seminar 19.4.2015 PhD Student Eman Adnan presented a conclusion about the scientific activity that have been done in Germany as a apart of her PhD theses experiments.  
Prospects of Industry and its environmental effects Conference 12.4.2015 This Conference Have Been Held at our Department to study the effect of industrials projects on the environment and the rule of the industrial engnieer to solve such conflects  
By Productive University The Industry will Go On Conference 24.4.2015 This Conference Have Been Held at our Department to link between the educational institutes and the industrials by trying to resolve the manufacturing problems by means of heat treatment  
SEM Training Course  Report  15.9.2014  A Conclusion About the Training Course on the new SEM that was held between 15.8.14-5.9-2014 presented By Dr. Baha Sami   

Computer Modeling & Simulation of Production Engineering Systems, by Dr. Majeed Nemat Mohammed




Introductory Seminar to the new website of the department. By: Dr. Laith Abdullah Mohammed




The seminar is for the faculty of Production Engineering Branch 


The role of Production & Metallurgy Engineer in Progressive





Seminar: The role of Computer Aided Engineering in Metal Die Casting. By: Dr. Laith Abdullah Mohammed



 The seminar is for the faculty of the department


The realistic of Higher Education in Iraq (The Realistic and The Ambition)





[Corrosion in the Petroleum Industries]



Specialized Scientific Symposium (cpie )


Influences of machining parameters on metal removal rate MRR and accuracy in electrochemical machining



MSc seminar by Baqer Ayad Ahmed

Supervised by: Asst. Prof. Dr.Saad Kariem Shather

Optimization Factors Influencing on Cathodic Protection For Steel Wall




 MSc seminar by SAAD E. KASKAH

Supervised by: Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammad H. Hafiz & Lecturer Dr. Wisam K. Hamdan

3D Image processing of sculptured surfaces in CAD/CAM applications


PhD seminar


Production Engineering Branch

Student Name: Ahmed Abdullah

Supervisor: Dr. Tahseen F.

Investigation of formability of super plastic magnesium alloy AZ31B


PhD seminar


Production Engineering Branch

Student Name: Emad Ali Hussein 

Supervisor: Dr. Azal R.I.

Finite Element analysis of Multi stage deep drawing process


PhD seminar


Production Engineering Branch

Student Name: Hussien Ali

Supervisor: Dr. Waleed K.

Studying the Effect of Electrospark-Deposition (E.S.D.) upon Surface Properties for Gas Turbine Blades at Iraq Electrical Power Stations


PhD seminar


Metallurgy Engineering Branch

Student Name: Baha Sami Mahdi 

Supervisor: Dr. Amin D. T. & Dr. Mohammed H. H.

Development (fabrication& characterization) of new Cu nanostructured & nanoceramic-Cu composites.


PhD seminar


Metallurgy Engineering Branch

Student Name: Heider Yasser Thamir

Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed J.K.

Dr. A.SH.Jabur

Carbon nanotubes reinforced aluminum nanocomposite via plasma spray forming


PhD seminar


Metallurgy Engineering Branch

Student Name: Mustafa K.I.

Supervisor: Dr. Ahmed A.M.

Dr. Mohammed I.

Improvement of Copper Based Shape Memory alloys


PhD seminar


Metallurgy Engineering Branch

Student Name: Ali Munther M.

Supervisor: Dr.

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