Corrosion in Petroleum Industries

Specialized Engineering Symposium [24.May.2011]




Under the sponsored of the President of the

University of Technology, Baghdad
Prof. Dr. Kahtan K Al-Khazraji
The Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy held with cooperation of Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Sciences & Technology, Ministry of Industry & Minerals

the Specialized Scientific Symposium under the title:

[Corrosion in the Petroleum Industries]

Tuesday, 24/May/ 2011 in the conference hall in the Department.


Key Topics of the symposium:


Corrosion associated with the extraction of crude oil.


Corrosion associated with the refining and purification of crude oil.


Corrosion associated with the conversion and oil industries.


Corrosion associated with the transfer of oil and its derivatives.



Preparatory committee


Dr. Salah Karem Jawad (Head)


Dr. Sami Abualnoun Ajeel (Member)


Dr. Hijran Zainalabidin (Member)


Eng. Hisham Kasim (Ministry of Industry & Minerals) (Member)


Eng. Mofaq Mohammed (Ministry of Sciences & Technology) (Member)


Senior Lec. Makarim Hazim AbdulKareem (Reporter)


Coordinating committee


Dr. Sami Ibrahim Jafar (Head)


Dr. Laith Abdullah Mohammed (Member)


Exp. Eshan AbdulHakim [Ministry of Sciences & Technology] (Member)


C.Eng. AbdulKareem Naser [Ministry of Oil] (Member)


Eng. Kasim Hussen Alwan [Ministry of Industry & Minerals] (Member)


Mahdi Moter Hanoon (Reporter)


Scientific committee


Dr. Jafar Tahir Alhadiry (Head)


Dr. Mohammed Heliel Hafiz (Member)


Dr. Mohammed Abdulsalam (Ministry of Sciences & Technology) (Member)


Eng. Adhim Abeed Abass [Oil Training Institute in Baiji] (Member)


Eng. Abdullah Adnan (Ministry of Industry & Minerals) (Member)



The corrosion in the petroleum industries is the main obstacle and dangerous that is inherent in these industries, starting from the extraction of crude oil and ending stages of the use of derivatives through the purification and refining operations, manufacturing and processing, storage and transportation. Attributed the phenomenon of corrosion to the presence of elements that causes it, such as a gas (H2S and CO2) associated with the extraction and the existence of other factors regarding the nature of the oil extracted and the nature and components of metals and alloys used in the manufacture of equipment and devices used in the petroleum industry that led to the additional erosion and various forms of corrosion: General, localized corrosion cracks and stress corrosion and others.



1. Identify the risk of corrosion in petroleum industries.
2. Pushing the national staff of the Iraqi oil industry to studying this phenomenon and provide research and special studies, which simulates the Iraqi reality.
3. Cooperation between universities and other state institutions, especially the Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Oil to work together in developing appropriate solutions to the phenomenon of corrosion in the petroleum sectors
4. Open new horizons for university professors to enter the realm of life to take advantage of engineering sciences and professor of the accumulated experience of the engineer in the field of work.
5 - Joint Cooperation to study the current reality of corrosion in the petroleum industry and raise it and to minimize the effects of harmful corrosion in the industry.
6 - Identifying the activities of the Ministry of oil from the study of corrosion in the oil industries and the development of programs and plans jointly to solve them.


Important Times:

1. Provide summaries of the working papers until 01.May.2011

2. Providing working papers until 15.May.2011

3. Notice of the participants to accept the working papers in 20/May/2011.

4. Delivery of presentations (PowerPoint) to the department no later than 22/May/2011

4. The presence of participants in the working papers to the department on 23/May/2011

5. Date of the symposium on Tuesday, 24/May/2011 at 9 am in the conference room in the department.


Work Papers:

1. Working paper from Department of Production Engineering & Metallurgy.

Entitled "The role of Department of Production Engineering & Metallurgy in solving the problems of corrosion in the oil industry"

Lecturer: Ass.Prof. Dr. Sami Ibrahim Jafar

2. Working paper of the Ministry of Oil

Entitled "Corrosion in the Oil Industry"

Lecturer: Expert Engineer Karim Nasser Radwan

3. Lecture “Failure Mechanisms of Boiler Tubes”

Lecturer: Expert Eng. Badry Saleh Jasim, Ministry of Electricity

4. Presentation about Petroleum Research & Developing Center


5. Working paper and the Ministry of Science and Technology

Entitled "The role of corrosion in production and service systems"

Lecturer: Dr. Mohammed Abdulsalam Kasim

6. Working paper of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Entitled "Diagnosis & Treatment of Corrosion Problems in Petroleum Establishments"

Lecturer: Eng. Kasim Hussen Alwan


7. Petroleum Underground Pipelines Protective Coating.

By: Saheb Mohammed Mahdi


8. The useful of studying corrosion

By: Adhem Obead Hussen


9. Corrosion in petroleum pipelines

By: Alaa Mohammed Alasady



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Photos of the symposium


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