Sand Laboratory



Sand Laboratory:





Laboratory staff

Lab administrator

 BSC .Laith Abdul Latif

Lab engineer





Devices and materials available


Device / material name

Description / material


My shaking sieve

To find a granular size of the sand Dialog


Dick sampling device

To prepare the standard test samples of AFS type to calculate the pressure resistance, tensile, shear.


Permeability manual calculation device


Permeability electrical device Account


Pestle sampling device with content


Drying oven


Electric oven


Sensitive balance in a glass box


Check the moisture balance


Sensitive balance


Normal balance of a ruler


Bath sand laboratory


Bath sand laboratory

Pelvic diameter 20 cm


A mechanical resistance with content


Sand washing machine with content


Compressibility calculation device

To find the compressibility of sand Dialog


laboratory syllabus


The sand




Metallurgical Engineering

Lecturer name



The scientific name of the supervisor


Download sheet


Download Laboratory table



Laboratory Experiments

First experiment

Measure the degree of smoothness sands Alqalah

Second experiment


Third experiment

Measuring the ratio of access to the sands of essay

Fourth experiment

Checking pressure and shear resistance Gavien

Fifth experiment

Examination wet pressure resistance

Sixth experiment

Examination wet shear strength

Seventh experiment


Eighth experiment





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