Cinque Terre

Lujain Hssein Kashkool

Production Engineering Department

Assistant Lecturer

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B.Sc. degree in Production engineering (2000-2004: Technology University, Baghdad, Iraq) Master degree in Production engineering (2016-2017): South Ural state University, Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Browsing in the Research gate; Forming; Surface Roughness; Design Machines; Mechanical Drawing; Auto Cad; NX siemens.

1- Course in “Russian language in Russia

2- Course in “Computing and Computer Software held between”

3- Course in “How to machining CNC milling &CNC turning &its maintenance"

4- Course in “How to Prepare for TOEFL Test”

5- Course in “Avoiding Plagiarism”

6- Course in “Google Classroom”

Acknowledgment from minster

Acknowledgment from the president of the University of Technology

Acknowledgment from the president of the Production Engineering & Metallurgy department