Cinque Terre

Sarah Mohammed Shareef

Production Engineering Department

Assistant Lecture

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Her M.Sc degree in University of technology-2018 , Bagdad, Iraq, & her B.Sc from Al-Rafedain University - Iraq in 2006. Professionally she has worked in ministry of higher education - Baghdad-2008 before moving to the academia, currently works at Department of production Engineering and Metallurgy in University of Technology- Iraq, since 2010. her research interested in computer interaction.

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Studied M.Sc. in Computer Science at Department of Computer Science- 2018/ University of Technology .

Studied B.Sc. in Computer Science at Department of Computer Science - 2006/ Al-Rafedain University.

Research Interests: Network Security, Machine Learning, classification, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Cyber Security, Information Technology.

1- Matlab programming and Information Technology

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