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Services of the Registration Section of the department   :

To inquire about any information from the Registration Section, call (07804356219)


For graduation documents follow the steps: -


   1-  Fill in the document form.


  2-  Bring the required documents: -


a. Color image with white background

B. colored copy of the Civil Status ID.

C.  copy of the passport (if a document is requested in English).

Dr . The wages of the documents work (paid in the unit of finance in the department).



 Registration requirements (for first-stage students): -

1. Preparatory study document (original version) + (3 color copies).

2. Medical examination (original version) + (2 color copies).

3. Picture  of the  number (8) white background.

4. Student Status  ID (3 colored copies).

5. Certificate of Iraqi nationality (3 colored copies).

6. card housing (3 color copies) + ration card (3 color copies).

7. CD  contains the documents and the above documents with a personal photograph.

8. Guarantor Guaranty Bring a letter of support to continue the service to the sponsor with copies of the

Fundamentalist documents

of the sponsor.

9. Documents of Student parents (2 color copies).

10. School card for student.



    Acceptance Conditions: -

1- Iraqi nationality.

2- Holds the certificate of the Iraqi preparatory school supported by the approval of the Directorate General of

Education in the  province or a certificate equivalent.

3 - Successful in the medical examination according to the conditions specific to each study and the submission of

the blind student (which meets the requirements for submission to appropriate human studies) through the central


4 -It is not permissible to combine the job and the study (at the same time) in the colleges and morning institutes.

This includes the employees of all government institutions, and in the continuation of the study it is necessary to

obtain a study leave from their departments starting with the instructions in force. The student may cancel the

study according to the instructions in order to meet the requirement of completion of two years satisfactory service

to be entitled to obtain the academic leave and in accordance with the instructions to grant the student's leave.


5- Of graduates :

Current academic year.

 B - The previous academic year is not accepted centrally in any college or institute and are

accepted according   to  the minimum limits for the year of graduation. If the student is accepted in

any college or institute that is  returned to his original admission.

6. Non-Iraqi students who have received the Iraqi middle school certificate and are centrally

accepted are  notified in writing to the  Central Admission Department / Expatriates Division to

indicate their exemption or to  require them to study in foreign currency  according to the

provisions of Chapter 7 .


  Graduation Requirements: -

   1 - The student has successfully passed all curriculum materials and for all classes.

    2- Completing the summer training.

    3. The preparatory study document has been achieved.

    4 -  The approval of the department council on the result of the completed stage .




    Note: - The student will be given a clearance form before the final results appear.




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       The acceptance plan for the preliminary studies of the Department of Engineering Production and Metallurgy

for the academic  year 2020/2021    (  )  .


           Graduate Admission Plan for the academic year (2020/2021)    (  ) .



    Graduation Documents:-



              Look at the completed documents and now click on the link Last updated 20/09/2021 .                    


















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