vision,mission and objectives





 Vision, Mission and Goals


  The Vision:
Excellence and leadership in the field of Engineering sciences involving department fields at the level of initial studies and graduate studies to keep pace with rapid developments in technology and requirements of the community.

  The Mission:
Find the base of specialists in the areas of the following branches of the department, namely:


         1.       Production Engineering.

         2.         Metallurgy Engineering.

         3.     Industrial Engineering.

         4.    Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Engineering.

         5.     Mining & Metal Extractive Engineering.


So as to meet the growing need for engineering staffs in the five disciplines at the level of initial studies and graduate studies. The department is also interested in establishing close ties with other universities and society through conducting research and holding seminars and organizing training courses and the provision of engineering consultancy.

  The Goals:
The department aims to:

         1.      The preparation of incompetent engineers qualified in the five specialties of the department.

        2.    To provide students with theoretical and practical experiences and experimental methods and the use of advanced technologies in the areas of production and use of computer technologies and automation.

   3. To improve the capacity of students in the direction of engineering and creative thinking.

  4.   To focus on scientific research and postgraduate (M.Sc and Ph.D) and conduct research to serve society and solving its problems.

    5.   Permanent development and the continuous and renewed curricula to keep pace with rapid developments and the successive fields of engineering.

Department aims to ensure and improve the performance and scalability in various fields of science, engineering and management to achieve a comprehensive and quality assurance and accreditation.


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