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Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy features since it first began, through their teachers qualified to work as consultants in various sectors of the government and engineering service supervisors.

As well as in the provision of services in the field of scientific and applied to ministries and various government institutions both in the provision of scientific advice to engineering students in other universities, or to conduct tests, engineering tests and analysis of the different results are accurate and thoughtful.

The required tests are often conducted the tests, mechanical and metallurgical tests, microscopic examination and other tests in favor of government departments, companies and researchers from the members of the university, university students and using other high reliability devices. It has also established several affiliates of courses for the benefit of employees of other ministries.

Because of the good reputation of the department in the field of engineering consultancy by provided to another institutions of the government, whether at the level of the department or on a personal level by the Professor of the department of labor contracts, or as advisers to full-time employees in ministries and various government departments, engaged some professors to work in many consulting engineering offices. The efforts culminated in the establishment of an engineering company in the University of Technology.


The department cooperating with the ministries and institutions like:


A- Ministry of Industry

B- Ministry of Defense

C- Ministry of Science and Technology

D- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

E- Ministry of Transport and Communications

F- Ministry of Construction

G- Ministry of Oil

H- Ministry of Electricity.


It also some of its employees have designed and manufactured some of laboratory equipment for some laboratory section and the institution for technical institutes, such as measuring equipment wear and tear, corrosion, as well as for the benefit of students in master's and doctorate from the Faculty of Dental Medicine and other colleges.


Research fields:

Production Engineering Branch:


Metal cutting


Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)


Metal forming


Design and manufacturing of dies


Machine design


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines


Advanced manufacturing systems


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)


Geometric Modeling


Manufacturing Automation


Production Control Systems


Metallurgy Engineering Branch:


Heat Treatment


Corrosion Engineering


Engineering Surfaces


Composite materials






Industrial Engineering Branch:


Operations Research


Planning processes


Quality control


Expert Systems


Artificial Intelligence


Quality management systems


Research units in the department:

    A-  Die Design and manufacturing Dies.


B- Factory of future.

Founded in 6.Feb.2005.

The objectives of this unit and its fields are:

1. Enrichment Iraqi factories with applied and scientific studies in engineering and management industry to develop and keep pace with global developments in science and technology and focused its work on the field.


2. Carrying out comprehensive studies of the reality of current industrial and try Automating operations, manufacturing, events and related activities, such as CAD/CAPP/CAQC/CAM.


3. Establishment of and participation in training courses, seminars and conferences.

Accomplished projects in the unit:


1- turing Systems, by: Dr. AlaaAldeen H.Kasim & Maha Naji


2.     Decision Aided Hybrid Heuristic Scheduling Model To Tackle Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling, by: Dr. AlaaAldeen H.Kasim & Dr. Sawsn S.A.A. & Dr. Luma AlKindi


3.     A review Non Parametric Relidtility Prediction, by: Dr. AlaaAldeen H.Kasim & Dr. Sawsn S.A.A.


4.     Successful Implemental OF MRP system to control the distance of Iraqi  industries, by: Dr. AlaaAldeen H.Kasim


5.  Theoretical Evaluation of the required elastic plastic work in plugging of statically loaded plate, by: Dr.Mouhamed M Hamadi [Under work]


6.     Shrinkage Factor prediction for different circular shape in (HPD), by: Dr.Mouhamed M.Hamadi, Dr.Sami Abulnoun Ajeel, Faris M.Sako


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