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  The metallurgical engineering branch is specially one of the most important branches in the department and generally in the university, because of its importance in supplement industrial companies and establishments with specialized engineering staff in this field. The metallurgical engineering branch was established in 1980 and interested with the mechanical and metallurgical properties of metals and alloys through the studying the crystal structure of metals and its alloys, the methods of extracting them from their ores, methods of products manufacturing using different methods such as casting, welding, machining, etc. and application of traditional and advanced heat treatments. In addition, the use of modern methods in surface engineering to modify and change the surface properties of metals and alloys.

   Specialization begins in metallurgical engineering branch in the first state of the study, and four years is the total duration of the study in branch. The study is characterized in the branch with the scientific nature of the theoretical dependence on applied scientific and practical side and who completes the theoretical side. Here, the plan should be characterized by the summer training in the industrial sectors of the state in the summer, and in the labs and the University of Technology Workshops scheduled throughout the year, which provides student skill in the translation of scientific theories into practical application. The laboratories in the branch that equipped with modern equipments, whether general or specialized in use is one of the basic pillars relied upon to conduct laboratory tests according to international standards. The branch also graduates students with (MSc and PhD degree) in specialties with abreast of modern disciplines in the world.