Production Engineering


 Production Engineering 



  About the Branch:

  • Overview of the branch:

The branch aims in its main objects in graduation of engineers in the field of production engineering. The main syllabus include engineering and scientific topics such as: metal cutting, metal forming, design of molds, design and manufacture assisted by computer, metrology, inspection and many other details topics in applied mechanics.

The main aim of this branch is to correlate the theoretical lectures with industrial applications by laboratories and workshop training inside and outside the university. The branch of production includes higher studies in MSc and PhD level.


  • Engineering Disciplines in the branch:

1.1.1 Preliminary studies:

There are many in the engineering branch of production disciplines during the study period and the project that allows students to obtain a bachelor's degree included study of the different manufacturing processes and needed to convert metals from raw materials to manufactured products. And study the design of molds and parts according to modern scientific methods and using the computer, or parts of machines and metal cutting operations in different ways reinforced the best choice of materials and manufacturing methods and quality control.

And it gives the graduate Bachelor of Science degree in Production Engineering.

1.1.2 Graduate Studies:

And graduate-level studies Master and PhD in the disciplines Subspecialties of the branch where talented graduates can enroll to study master's and doctoral available.

production engineering branch gives Master of Science degree in production engineering and for granting a doctorate awarded a Doctor of Philosophy graduate in Production Engineering.




  • Scientific Activities of a Branch of Production Engineering:

Characterize the branch since its inception through the first professors qualified to work as consultants in the various sectors of the state of engineering and service messages and supervisors and master's and doctoral thesis. As well as in the provision of services in the field of scientific and applied to various ministries and state institutions, both in the provision of engineering and scientific advice to the students of other universities, or in conducting examinations and various engineering tests and analysis results are accurate and thoughtful. It required tests are often performed scans mechanical and metallurgical tests, microscopic examination and other tests for the benefit of government departments and companies and researchers from members of the university and students of other universities, using high-reliability devices.

As established affiliates many developing courses for the benefit of employees of other ministries.

And because of the good reputation of the branch in the field of engineering consulting services provided by state institutions of the other, whether at the level of the department or on a personal level by Professor section in labor contracts, or as consultants permanent in ministries and various government departments involved some teachers to work in many offices Consulting engineering efforts culminated in the establishment of an engineering company in the University of Technology.

As some of the affiliates design and manufacture of some of the laboratory equipment for the benefit of some department laboratories and technical institutes as well as the Foundation for the benefit of master's and doctoral students from the Faculty of Dentistry and other colleges.