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  The Emergence of the Department:

The Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy was established with the establishment of the University of Technology in 1975 to meet the growing need for specialized engineering staff in production engineering and metallurgy. The Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy is one of the unique and leading divisions in Iraq and It consider one of the most important scientific departments in the University of Technology with the largest number of scientific laboratories, which exceed than 20 laboratories.

Recognizing the importance of curriculum development and training programs for all disciplines and alignment with the real needs of economic development and the requirements of the local labor market, the department take attention to review and evaluate the curriculum and revised accordant to accumulated experience and expertise gained through cooperation with the terms of reference of similar universities in the world. Through the extrapolation of trends in the domestic market and to explore the opinions of specialists in the ministries of the state to determine the quality of skills and disciplines that ministries need them.

The department since its inception supplement sectors of the Iraqi state by more than 3000 engineers, who have had an important role in development, and a large number of higher education, high school diploma,  master's and doctoral degrees who are currently working in most universities in Iraq and other countries.


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