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Virtual e-learning management system for the Department of Production and Metal Engineering






   :   The Department of Production Engineering and metals the following activities  




To obtain the registration form on the official email of students of the first stage of the department of production engineering and metals click on the link below    






To obtain the registration form on the official email of students of the second, third and fourth stage of the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals click  

 .The link below






 To obtain the official registration form for graduate students click on the link below    






Google Classroom e-Learning Student Guide  






Establishment of electronic grades for students of the first stage and postgraduate studies . under construction       


.Addressing the Information Technology Center to establish official accounts for registered students         








 Is one of the means that support the educational process and transform it from the stage of indoctrination to the stage of creativity, interaction and skills development. It is presented to students through the use of Information communication techniques and relies on an integrated digital electronic environment that presents courses through electronic networks. It is worth mentioning that the University of Technology in agreement with Google has worked to provide an integrated educational system that prepares students and teachers with a range of services such as official e-mail, the establishment of electronic classrooms, academic calendar, ease of communication with teachers and other services.






You can access this page by clicking on the link









 Google Classroom  






  More electronic programs used in the e-learning system












                         UOTE-Mail                                        Storage-Drive                                               Calender                                                         Groups                 
















           Google-Doc                                         Google-Sheet                                                 Google-Slides                                                    Google-Meet                       









       WHY G SUITE ?  

       G Suite for UoT: 


  •   Enhances collaboration among students, faculty, and external partners.
  •   Facilitates students' personal and team-based calendaring.
  •   Increases "anytime, anywhere" access to well-secured data.