Cinque Terre

Iman Adnan Annon

Production engineering and metallurgy/ university of technology/ Baghdad

Assistant Professor

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1. Director of the Statistics Division. 2. Instructor in the department within the Mineral Engineering Branch. 3. Chair of the Human Resources Committee. 4. Member of several committees working in the department. 5. Supervisor of the fourth stage students (graduation project). 6. Supervisor of a master’s students with Professor Dr. Muhammad Jasim. 7. Member of the audit committee within the undergraduate examination committee. 8. Member of the Audit Committee within the Supreme Examination Committee. 9. Supervisor of many postgraduate students.

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PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from 2012-2017 Title of Thesis: Advance Coating on 316L Stainless Steel Substrate Using an Electrophoretic Deposition , University of Technology, Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy, Baghdad, Iraq . MSc in Metallurgical Engineering from 1998-2001 Title of Thesis: Characteristic Study of Composite Materials Al-SiC Prepared by Rapid Solidification , University of Technology, Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy, Baghdad, Iraq . BSc in production engineering from 1994-1996, University of Technology, Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy, Baghdad, Iraq.

1.Surface Engineering 2. Coating. 3. Biomedical and its application. 4. Heat Treatments. 5.Casting. 6.Composite materials. 7. Corrosion. 8.Powder technology.

1- Study the effect of wear on composite materials, J. of Babylon for Engineering Science, 10(2006)1264-1275.

2- Computer aided design and selection for investment casting die for production clutches from Al-SiC, J. of Babylon for Engineering Science, 12(2006) .

3- Creep resistance for Al-Mg-Si reinforced with SiC, Engineering and Technology Journal, 25(2007).

4 - Design of computer aided design for die mould castings, Iraqi Journal for Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 2011.

5 - Laser surface treatment of plasma sprayed metallic coatings, Engineering and Technology Journal, 30(2012).

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8 - Increased bioactivity and Antibacterial of 316L stainless steel by Electrophoretic Deposition, Egypt. J. Exp. Biol. (Bot.), 14(1): 51 – 61 (2018).

9 - Using Electrophoretic deposition technique to develop the properties of biomaterials, 1st Medical Sciences Congress held on 7-9th of December, 2016.

10 - Protection of Pitting Corrosion for 316L Stainless-Steel by Nano- Electrophoretic Deposition Layer, has accepted for publication in: 10th International Conference on NANO-TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION (NTC 2018), 13-17 April 2018, Hurgada, Egypt.

11 - Nitriding of Cr electrolyses steel substrates, Engineering and Technology Journal, 26(2008).

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13 - Effect of Nano-Electrophoretic Deposition in Corrosion and Corrosion Behavior of Bio- Stainless-Steel Alloys.

14 - Corrosion inhibition potential of a new corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid solution determined by weight loss technique, complemented with adsorption studies and DFT calculations, Int. J. Corros. Scale Inhib, 2022, 11, no. 1, 64–81.

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17 - Weight Loss, Thermodynamics, SEM, and Electrochemical Studies on N-2-Methylbenzylidene-4-antipyrineamine as an Inhibitor for Mild Steel Corrosion in Hydrochloric Acid, Lubricants .

18 - Studying the effect ZnONP Deposited on ST37-2 by Pulse Laser Depositions Technique for Corrosion Protection Using in Oil Storage Applications, Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies, Journal of Petroleum Research and Studies, No. 43 Part 2, April 2222, pp. 290-301.



1. Chemical metallurgy. 2. Production technology of Ferrous and non-ferrous alloy. 3. Mineral Extraction. 4. Heat Treatments. 5. Manufacturing Methods.

She holds certificates of appreciation during my participation in many local and international conferences (the first conference for sciences at Babylon University 2010, the first medical materials conference at Karbala University in 2016, the fourteenth international conference of the Egyptian Biological Society held in Cairo 2017, the tenth international conference on advanced materials held in Cairo in April 2018, Nanotechnology Conference at the University of Technology 2018. First conference for graduation projects / University of Baghdad / College of Engineering / Al-Khwarizmi 2019, participation in the scientific conference of Wasit University 2019, conference She holds a distinction shield as the best research at the Nanotechnology Conference held at the University of Technology in 2018.