A scientific visit for production engineering students to the Central Library at the University of Technology



In continuation to work within the initiative of the rector of the University of Technology for cooperation between the scientific departments and the central library at the university, and to complement the series of scientific visits for students of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, the Production Engineering Branch organized one of the department’s branches on Monday, 6-12-2021, a scientific visit for students of the second and third stages to the library Central, as part of the extra-curricular activities of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, which were confirmed by the Presidency of the University, and the students were accompanied by Dr. Raed Rashid and Dr. Abdullah Hamad and Dr. Khaleda Kazem and lecture  The Thkra of Mahdi and lecture Majed Hamid and m. Assistant lecture Asaad Ali and M. NS. Lujain Hussein, and a number of library officials and employees were received by them. The students were briefed about the library’s sections and halls, how to search for resources, issue an identification card for affiliation with the library, and the reading room, which has a free internet service during working hours, which it provides to students to support the scientific process.







Source : Media Section