A scientific visit to the Military Industries Company


Within the framework of cooperation between the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department and state institutions, a delegation from the Department, which included the Head of the Department, Prof.Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas and Head of the Production Engineering Branch, Prof. Dr.Shukri Hamid Ghadeeb, accompanied by a number of faculty members both Dr. Raed Rashid , Dr. Abdullah Faraj,  Dr. Abdullah Hamad , MD. Khaleda Kazem , Lecturer . Majed Hamid, lecturer Asaad Ali and students of the fourth stage of the branch of Production Engineering.

Where the students got acquainted with a number of factories for programmed turning machines, milling, drilling and rolling, a special factory for modern welding machines, as well as laboratories for human manufacturing automation and drones.It was also agreed on a joint cooperation mechanism between the department and the company in several areas, including summer training for students, which aims to enhance scientific research and serve our dear country.







Source : Media Section