Scientific Assistant to the Head of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department Member of the Master Thesis Discussion Committee at Salah al-Din University in Erbil


Share Dr. Muhannad Muhammad Hussein, the scientific assistant to the head of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, in the membership of the Master’s thesis discussion committee for the student (Ahmed Amir Arslan Hadi) from the Faculty of Engineering at Salah al-Din University/Mechanical Engineering Department Mechatronics in Erbil for his letter tagged with:-

                                                        Machine adaptation and optimization of the 3D Printing Processes for the use of glass fiber filament

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, the discussion committee consisted of:-

Mr. Dr. Sefin Yassin Ezz El-Din/ Salah El-Din University/ College of Engineering....Chairman

A.M.D. Muhannad Muhammad Hussein/ University of Technology/ Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering……… a member

A.M.D. Biman accompanied by Ahmed / Koya University …… a member

A.M.D. Abdul Qader Ali Abdul Qader/ Salah El-Din University/ College of Engineering……. Supervising member

The discussion took place in (Sherko Baban) hall in the section mentioned above, and the student got a grade of (Very Good).





Source : Media Section