The Industrial Engineering Branch madea scientific visit to the Pepsi Company, Baghdad


A delegation from the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department , Industrial Engineering Branch, made a scientific visit to PepsiCo Baghdad. Lama Adnan Al-Kindi, a.m. Zainab Allawi Ibrahim, Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Mahdi, M. Batoul Ibrahim Jamil, M. Mohammed Rajeh Jassim and M.M. Walid Khaled Abdel Qader. And that was on Wednesday, 11/1/2023, with the attendance of 22 out of 27 students, where the students were briefed on the work site of the Baghdad Pepsi Company and the production lines represented by the Shatt Al-Arab factory and the Tigris factory, where we were received by the projects department in the company and the specialized engineering staff in the company The production stations and the mechanism of work were explained. The visit included a visit to the production lines of plastic containers in the Shatt Al-Arab factory, which included the manufacture of plastic containers, then filling them, placing the private label, and assembling the packages in order to wrap them and transfer them to the warehouses in preparation for marketing them to the markets according to the sales plans. The metal cans manufacturing line was also visited in the Degla factory, which included an automated process through conveyor belts with sequential operations to disperse the metal cans and then fill them and close them with the special stopper using the pressing process.

Praise be to God, the desired goal of the visit was achieved by linking the requirements of living in practical reality with academic lectures for the purpose of facilitating the absorption of theoretical lessons.







Source : Media Section