A scientific visit to the second gas station south of Baghdad


The Production Engineering Branch, one of the branches of the Production Engineering and Metallurgy Department, organized a scientific visit to the second gas power station of South Baghdad, accompanied by students of the third stage in the branch, on Monday, 3/20/2023, under the supervision of the branch head.

Dr. Saad Karim Shather and a number of the branch's faculty member. The visit included giving a theoretical lecture about the station and its affiliated units by the engineers working in it, and the principle of the gas turbine and its associated control systems.

The students made a field tour of one of the station's units and got acquainted with its parts, how it works and generates electric power, and visited a number of engineering workshops inside the station.

 One the other side, the supervisor of the scientific visit and the accompanying teaching delegation expressed their thanks and gratitude to the station's management and its employees for their efforts to provide all the needs and provide all facilities for the success of this visit.







Source : Media Section