The Production Engineering and Metallurgy department  holds a workshop



Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan al-Ghabban, esteemed and under the direct supervision of the Chairman of the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy, Prof. Dr. Mona Khudair Abbas, the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy / Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Branch held a workshop under the slogan: “Zakat on science Dissemination” with the title:

                                                                                          University work ethic and its importance in spreading science in society

This will be held on Monday 10/2/2020 and on the hall of the late Professor Jassem Al Hayani in the department, where the workshop program included two sessions chaired by Dr. Sami Ibrahim Al-Rubaie, Head of the Mining Engineering and Metal Extraction Branch and M. Shaima Taleb Ghani, Rapporteur of the branch.

The first session included two lectures:

The first lecture: “University work ethics” Prepared by: Dr. Wafa Kamel Mahmoud, Dr. Samar Saadi Hussein and Dr. Majid Ibrahim Fadel, delivered by Professor Dr. Haider Abdul Muttalib (visiting professor from Malaysia).

The second lecture:

“The importance of pure and engineering sciences in society” Prepared by: Assistant Prof. Abdul-Khaleq Fawzi Hammoud and Assistant  Prof. Raghad Hamid Hilal Assistant Prof. Muhannad Farhan Hamid and delivered by Dr. Abdul-Khaliq Fawzi Hammoud.

While the second session included three seminars in which three scientific researches were discussed and accepted at the third international conference for science and engineering organized by the Egyptian-Japanese University in Alexandria / Arab Republic of Egypt for the period (14-17 March 2020) and he gave the seminars each of the following:

Prof. Mona Khudair Abbas

Prof. Sami Ibrahim Al-Rubaie

Prof. Iman Adnan Anoun

The workshop witnessed a distinguished attendance of all members of the faculty staff in the department




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