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Master Discussion in metallurgy extraction engineering

It has been discussed the master degree for the student ( Marwa Tha,er Mahdi) of her thesis :

(Separation and Recovery of Nickel and Cadmium from Spent Ni-Cd batteries)In major of extraction metal engineering and she had ( pass ) on Thursday 7th of June in the Dr.

Ebrahim Mahmood Mansoor’s court at 7 a.m.

The committee consisted of the following:

Prof. Dr. Kadhom Abd AlHusain Babil University / Materail engineering collage ….(Head)

Assitant Prof. Haitham Rzooqi Salih / University of Technology / production engineering and metallurgy department ….. ( member)

Assitant Prof. Dr. Firas Farhan Siad / University of Technology / production engineering and metallurgy department ….. ( member)

Prof. sami Ebrahim Jafer University of Technology / production engineering and metallurgy department ….. ( advisor)










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Scientific Seminar of English language mechanism in academic process

It has been done on Wednesday 6th of Jun seminar secession of teaching Content courses in English declared by Lecturer Dr. Ali Munther Mustafa of in Erbil held by American Embassy to Iraq. It had discussed to study the approaches in English language for universities stages by modern and various methods of content and Language Integrated Learning) (CLIL). These method had been cleared through the challenge facing university teacher during the use of English language as a way of direction in addition of its interests by integrating the scientific content with it. The study of universal options in this field put in consideration to determine the best way to adopt by our university. Head of department Assistant Prof. Ali Abar Khlaif has been attended the secession in addition of other staff of the department. Audinance reacted with the subject in worth way







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PHD Student seminar in Metallurgy engineering PHD Student seminar in Metallurgy engineering

In the presence of the rector Prof. Dr. Ammin Daway seminar secession to discuss the research of PHD student ( Ebrahim Abd AlKareem ) in metallurgy engineering it has been held the discussion mentioned on Tuesday 5th of June to complete his scientific experiments of the research
(Microstructure and mechanical properties of laser surface melting hot forging die tool steel)

in supervision of Dr. Ameen Daway and Dr. Mohammed Jassim .

The aim of this research is to appear the impact of react of melting formed steel tool surface by heat to the mechanical properties and microstructure for this kind of steel of which used  as forging production as dies utilized in industrial applications in order to improve the properties and increase the dies age
Admin Assistant Porf. Dr. Sami abo alnoon,head of biomedical engineering department Prof. Dr. Wisam Kadhum , Dr. Ali Abar head of production engineering and metallurgy department and staff of teachers have been attended and discussed the PHD student and showed the performance percentage of the research. Many interference of notes were mentioned during the secession by the audiences to improve the performed research.






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