Legal Unit


Legal unit

The legal unit organizes the legal affairs in the department where it arranges the transactions of

legal guaranties guarantees and pledges for students of preliminary studies all morning and

evening "which is a condition of admission to our university to preserve the state funds that are

available to the student during the study period, Organizing financial guarantees for post graduate

students studing in Iraq,

 As well as follow up the issues of forgery and forgers and assigns the staff of the legal unit to

participate in the presidency or membership of each investigative committee of different types and

that the need for a legal member of those committees based on the laws and instructions in force,

in addition to the completion and ratification of the commitments of marriage and children to

employees in the department and the fulfillment of students' commitments for grants and all other


The unit also provides legal opinion in the various transactions in addition to the completion of daily mail.